13.03.2018, 10:28:58 (GMT+1)

Class approved permanent hull repairs keep your vessel afloat

Hydrex offers class approved repairs combining both underwater cofferdam installation and inside dry welding. Both parts of such an operation are performed by the same team of in-house trained diver/welders working at the highest quality standards.

Hydrex: Hydrex permanent welding repairs include the following operations:

  • Renewal of damaged hull plating, large or small areas
  • Crack repairs by use of cofferdam
  • Pipe/flange repairs or replacements
  • Clad welding of cavitated areas
  • Inwater seachest installation
These operations are carried out afloat with the use of an external cofferdam. In most cases normal commercial activities can therefore continue without disruption. We have a wide range of standard cofferdams available at our offices, but a tailor-made cofferdam can also be created to fit a specific hull shape.


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