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Digitalization Creating Opportunities In Oil & Gas

The OceanHub Interview With Engineer Juan Pablo Marval

By immersing himself in accelerated technology development throughout his Maritime career, the Norwegian technical writer relays his knowledge and expertise on OceanHub in an effort to improve communications in Oil and Gas.

Staying close to emerging technologies and innovative solutions has taken Juan Pablo Marval around the world within the Oil and Gas industry. His Ocean Space career, which started in Venezuela, has spanned engineering, design, installation and optimization.

As the principals of change have become intertwined with digitalization, Juan now finds plenty of ways to share his knowledge and experience including his Articles published on OceanHub. As an engineering advisor and technical writer, Juan believes in sparking engagement and encouraging debate. His focus is on facilitating a way to help the new generation of young engineers find interesting information, give them motivation and to show them the great possibilities as they continue their own professional journey.

Juan is a engineer and technical advisor with more than 25 years of experience in Oil and Gas. His expertise lies in instrumentation, telecommunications, commissioning, project management, tendering, cost analysis, offshore working, and client liaising. Juan is also fully conversant in health and safety protocol within the industry.

Some of the topics that Juan's OceanHub Articles have touched on include Digitalization Within Oil and Gas: The New Industry Relaunch, where he emphasizes the unique opportunity for the sector. He points out that Oil and Gas is historically well acquainted with analytic and data processing, which will make the digitalizaton transition a natural step forward as new opportunities are created as a result.

As a technical writer, Juan has also introduced the OceanHub community to clear definitions of such important industry tools as cylindrical designed FPSOs, subsea umbillical cables, ballast water systems and offshore wind farms.

"OceanHub has established a direct access to a common interest of great and valuable information," he said. "I have found an exceptional opportunity in this growing social media network to express my insights, collaborate with new professionals and share innovative discoveries within technology, engineering and my professional life. At the same time I enjoy reading Articles from other authors - members that complement the environment with their diverse knowledge."

As an OceanHub Influencer, Juan Pablo Marval is improving communications in Oil and Gas, growing his professional network while building his own influence on the next generation of engineers.

About Juan Pablo Marval He earned a bachelor's degree in Telecommunications from the Instituto Universitario de Cabimas  in Venezuela. He has worked as an instrument engineer for several prominent global companies, including Texas Instruments in North America.  A native of Venezuela,  Juan followed his career to Stavanger Norway in 2008. Just this year, he became a Norwegian citizen.

Read Juan's latest OceanHub Articles by visiting his Profile. To learn more about Juan, read through his answers to the profile questions below.


What Is Your Area Of Expertise?

My expertise covers industrial instrumentation (commonly called Instrument), control systems and telecommunications systems within the Oil and Gas, Subsea and Marine Offshore sectors.  I have participated in several processes for engineering design, installation and optimization during my 29-year career.



What Is Your Status?


I am originally from the city of Cabimas, Venezuela, located in South America. Cabimas is anchored in the area of a more petroliferous tradition of more than 90 years. In April 2008, I signed a contract with a Norwegian service company. I moved to Norway as a skilled worker. After going through the process of filling in paperwork and formalities that immigration requires, I finally received my Norwegian citizenship this year in a fabulous ceremony in the Bjergsted Concert House of Stavanger.

What Is Your Professional Background?


I graduated in 1988 of the Instituto Universitario de Technologia de Cabimas - Venezuela, BSc Instrumentation Engineering degree, with honours in Telecommunications.


Since then, I started as part of the Industrial division team of Texas Instruments, a well-known high-tech North American firm with a large installed base of programmable controllers in Venezuela at the date. During my career, I have been exposed to the accelerated technology development in all directions, including FEED, concept and feasibility studies. For the last 10 years, I have contributed and filled up the technology gap in many engineering projects, creating and assessing QA/QC reviews, helping to handle updates of engineering procedures and quality systems, for oil and gas operators as well as engineering companies.


I am working currently as a Principal Engineer in a major engineering firm located in the Stavanger area of Norway.



Can You Give Us Some Insight About Your Articles?

My first concern is to research the market of emergent technology and innovative solutions for the Oil and Gas and Offshore Marine sector. 


Even yet most of the information is available and traceable until the start, a great variety of opinions and comments generated by an article with complex content, is a big source of interest and searches. Having participated in many projects, discussions and studies, has created in me a sense of criticism and self-willed reviewer mind. This has helped me increment the quality of the information treated and ensure that the applied language is in accordance to the topic in question. Above all, I have developed the capacity for making the aerial overview of the situation, bringing solutions and proposals. I have been always been in pursuit of a way to communicate with more professionals in different areas as well as with new professionals.


Why OceanHub?

Over the years, I have tried to start as a blogger -  but never successfully found a starting point. Then OceanHub appeared out of the blue, and provided this amazing community network that shares the same need for new and fresh Articles as I was hoping for. 


To feed the community members with a weekly informative, condensed and different theme each time will be one of the main goals as blogger for Ocean Hub, in a way that everybody can engage its own understanding according to its own experience and / or knowledge, and propose solutions and questions for further discussions, or in the best case, a new theme for an article. 


The dynamic of our society communications it’s a collage of a diversity of interests and tendencies. There is not a unique way or channel for all of us to see the same thing with same glasses. OceanHub has established a direct access to a common interest of great and valuable information.

I have found an exceptional opportunity in this growing social media network, to express my insights, collaborate with newly professionals and share innovative discoveries within technology, engineering and professional life. At the same time read articles from other authors - members that complement the environment of diverse knowledge.

A good Article with refreshing content, amazing pictures, news from events, smart info from the organizers, and elegant presentation is always a good reason to stop the routine, have a cup of coffee and enjoy the pleasure of a good reading.

All of that we can now find on OceanHub.


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