06.03.2014, 13:04:25 (GMT+1)

Should you rely on Computer Based Training, CBT?

Since a year now I find myself deeply involved in education issues, and I am very concerned about the trust I hear from many persons about Computer Based Training, CBT.

Cost efficient
Many ship-owners and ship managers claim that CBT will be the solution to have their seafarers trained. We all know that CBT can be performed during seafarer’s vacation period or even during free time while onboard. This reduces travel costs and other expenses for ship owner. So when it comes to costs we can all understand the need of CBT.

Mainly used for information
But is CBT really answering to the need of quality and education? Are the ship owners and responsible ship managers really concerned about the output of the investment they after all do? I say no. I think I can say that CBT today is mainly used for information by most companies.

The reason for this is the lack of a safe way of ensuring that the education is really noted by the seafarer and that she is able to present the new earned knowledge in a safe way.

A fellow to a seafarer can conduct any test, so are we really talking of educational knowledge? I don’t think so. We must also keep in mind that a seafarer is not a “normal” student, but a normal person who have been working for some years with little experience in being a student enabling him to pick up knowledge with ease.

Training and education, with quality worth paying for, should be conducted at recognized establishments giving valuable qualifications. The classes should be held by instructors with knowledge in field concerned and, which is very important; good educational skills. At the end, it is most important to ensure that the seafarer has the knowledge taught and paid for by the owner.

This is central when we now start reading the outcome of EMSA’s assessment of the schools in Manila, which point out the need of a good and qualified education. This must be the goal for all of us.

Welcome to my blog
A good teacher is better than a shelf full of books” - Chinese proverb.

I hope that we will be able to put more focus on quality education of future seafarers. This is the key topic I will blogging about in the time to come.

This being my first blog in a commercial site, I will build on my personal blog experience from when I was in Singapore for a year. I am not used to it and will learn and develop myself all the time. Please feel free to comment and give me feedback so I can learn.

Take care out there.

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