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New contracts for Brunvoll propulsion and manoeuvring systems to the fishing segment

Pelagic Trawler source: Brunvoll
Brunvoll AS

Brunvoll AS

12 Oct 2017| 13:37 (GMT+1)

New contracts for Brunvoll propulsion and manoeuvring systems to the fishing segment

Brunvoll has secured new contracts for system supplies. The contracts containingpropulsion-, manoeuvring- and control systems are with MAN D&T SE, Germany andKarstensens Skibsværtf A/S, Denmark for a pelagic trawler for the shipowner CharismaFishing Co. Ltd, Shetland, and with Aas Mek. Verksted AS, Norway for a live fish carrier forthe shipowner Sølvtrans AS, Norway. The deliveries from Brunnvoll will take place during2018. 

The system supplies from Brunvoll are all custom made to meet the specific vessel’s operational profile.Common denomiator for the deliveries are optimised and effective systems for safety, fuel efficiencyand environmental considerations. The system deliveries consist of propulsion systems withreductiongear, cp-propellers with nozzle, complete thruster systems with electric drives and starters,and propulsion and manoeuvring controls. 

The propulsion system for the new pelagic trawler for Charisma Fishing is a 2-speed reductiongear andcp-propeller system with nozzle driven by a MAN-diesel engine of 7200 kW. The propulsion systemcombines a 2-speed propulsion system with diesel engines with floating frequency for the optimum fueland operating efficiency. The thruster package includes a stern tunnel thruster and a combinedretractable azimuth/tunnel thruster in the bow. The thruster in the bow function as a tunnel thruster inupper position and as an azimuth thruster in immersed position. The azimuth thruster is typically usedduring searching and for effective manoeuvring when loading the catch, and in case of an emergencysituation. The vessel is designed by and will be built by Karstensens Skibsværft A/S in Denmark. 

The delivery to Aas Mek. Verksted is for a new live fish carrier for Sølvtrans AS. The propulsion system isa diesel-mechanical reductiongear and cp-propeller with nozzle connected to a Yanmar diesel engine of1920 kW. The thruster package consist of two tunnel thrusters for stern and bow. The contract containsoption for one additional shipset. The vessel design is Aas 2502 ST from Aas Mek. Verksted.

Odd Tore Finnøy, CEO of Brunvoll AS and Hallvard Pettersen, CEO of Brunvoll Volda AS are pleased thatBrunvoll asserts themselves well in the fight for contracts in the fishing segment. The Brunvollcompanies have good and long traditions as suppliers to live fish carriers and fishing vessels, and bothshipowners, yards and design companies involved in the new contracts are well-known with the Brunvollbrand and products from previous deliveries.