Publication Manager, Ocean Hub AS
09.06.2021, 09:40:16 (GMT+1)

PGS Delivers Rejuvenated Data for Santos West

PGS has revitalized 3D data over the Bauna field in southwest Santos Basin and its surrounding area. This preprocessed dataset is now available for evaluation of blocks for Brazil's upcoming Permanent Offer Round.

The data rejuvenation of legacy survey BM-S-40 started from field tapes and applied the latest workflow for data conditioning, noise, and multiple suppression to create a new 2500 sq. km preprocessed dataset.

The results, now available, can be input into new model building and imaging workflows, allowing a quicker evaluation of opportunities in the area. This is good news for companies that would like to nominate blocks in an area that is part of Brazil's Permanent Offer Bid Round.

Using a subset of the preprocessed data, PGS has also produced a high-resolution PSTM over the Bauna field.

PGS Santos West rejuvenation applies a modern preprocessing sequence to field tapes from PGS legacy data 

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