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Member Levels

Ocean Hub has two levels of personal memberships. Both are free!

The only difference between the member levels is that the Community Member is the one powered to give access to join and grow the community network, while the Entry Member is not. Community Members can both invite none-members to sign up (and thereby directly become Community Members), and also verify Entry Members to access the network and thereby become Community Members.

Sign up now and become a Entry Member! Once signed up you can become a Community Member by:
  • Completing and developing your profile.

    Your profile is visible for all Community Members. When anyone explore your profile they can see who you are and request to connect with you. When so occurs you can choose to accept and thereby become a Community Member.

  • Search and find your connections.

    As a Entry Member you can also send 3 daily request to connect with Community Members. We recommend you to only send these daily 3 connection requests to people you know. Once a request get accepted you are connected, become a community Member and the limit is removed.

Already received an invitation email from another member? Become a Community Member by:

  • Sign up by following the link in the email. Once registered you are a Community Member.
  • Already a Entry Member? Add your invitation code. Once added you are a Community Member.In your invitation email it is provided a invitation code. Simply type the invitation code into your Settings Area called "Enter Invitation Code".

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